Old Crow's Roost

a new weird corner of the internet for the Crow. a craft-space dedicated to wild thoughts, spellwork, spirit-talks, and faggotry. pull up a chair. sharpen your claws. greet the moon with me.

you've wandered into a witch's roost, child. every fairy story has rules to heed:

this is the top of the stack. the title page and dedication. the entrance to the wood, with freshly painted signs and carefully swept path. the red thread separates you from the wilds of the wood-- until you decide to cross.

there is a Gnome. he lives in the walls of this site by cordial invitation. he bangs on the pipes and tightens the bolts. he captures any stray computer bugs and puts them in delicious stews. his story is built by what we know of him. mind your manners should you cross paths- he's not on a leash.

perhaps the only thing safe to presume is that a witch's corner of the woods is Not Safe For Work. 18+ visitors.

there is, undoubtedly, magic in this thicket. you may find spells carved in the trees. circles may appear in the dead pine needles of the forest floor, should you be in need of them. you may meet strangers-- make friends-- fall in love-- hunt your enemies-- become your own-- hunt yourself-- love the hunt-- breathe in the wild wild god that pursues you until you fall in breathless ecstacy on a wooded hillside with the softest grass full of firefly glow. this is all life, and to be expected. try to cling to it when you wake in the morning.

ah, this would be the thread. it is strong magic, and old. it's the last vestige of protection and innocence you can hope for in this neck of the woods. will you toe the line? tread the mill? cross the bound? do make your decision, the wood watches and waits.

enter the wood